Benjamin Foster
Sarah C. Melville and Alice L. Slotsky
Dimitri Gutas
Dina Roginsky
Dina Roginsky
Henia Rottenberg
John Coleman Darnell
Thomas A. Holland and Thomas G. Urban

The Facade, Portals, Upper Register Scenes, Columns, Marginalia and Statuary in the Colonnade Hall

Publication of the "non-Opet" scenes and inscriptions in the Colonnade Hall of Luxor Temple. These include the traces of the original Eighteenth Dynasty decoration of the façade, altered under Ramesses II, a strangely...
John Coleman Darnell
The Epigraphic Survey

The Festival Procession of Opet in the Colonnade Hall

Publication, with translation and commentary, of facsimile plates of the scenes of the festival procession of Opet in the Colonnade Hall of Luxor Temple. Principally the work of the reign of Tutankhamun, these scenes...
Muhammad Aziz
Scholar, mystic and visionary, Ahmad Ibn 'Alwan lived through the transition period from Ayyubid to Rasulid rule in thirteenth-century Yemen. He was well known in his time for his critique of the ruling elites and their...