Faculty Books

Muhammad Aziz
Dr. Muhammad Aziz collected over one thousand proverbs from his birthplace of the city of Ibb in Yemen. He explained these proverbs and often provided a story behind some of the proverbs. If there is no story behind the proverb, Aziz gives explanation to the vocabulary in meaningful standard Arabic...
Eckart Frahm
At its height in 660 BCE, the kingdom of Assyria stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. It was the first empire the world had ever seen. In Assyria, Eckart Frahm tells the epic story of this empire and its enduring influence in global history. Assyria originated as a minor city-...
Jonas Elbousty

Short Stories for Advanced Arabic

Aswat Mu’asira introduces advanced level students to contemporary short stories from across the Middle East. Fifty-five stories in Arabic from twenty countries engage students with current topics and literary approaches that open the door to discovering both established and emerging authors...
Eckart Frahm
The systematic study of written texts began not in biblical Israel or the classical world but in ancient Mesopotamia. Nearly 1,000 clay tablets from Babylonia and Assyria, dating from the eighth to the second century BCE, comprise the earliest substantial corpus of text commentaries known from...
Benjamin Foster

An Anthology of Akkadian Literature

Before the Muses (1993, 1996), is a two-volume anthology of annotated translations from Akkadian literature of all periods (revised edition 2004). An abridged, paperback version of this work appeared as From Distant Days (1995).
Shiri Goren
Highlights an international generation of scholars currently revitalizing the field of Yiddish Studies.
Benjamin Foster, Karen Foster