Faculty Books

John Coleman Darnell
Eckart Frahm
An introduction to the royal inscriptions of the Assyrian king Sennacherib (705-681 BCE), with full editions of new texts and a thorough discussion of Sennacherib's reign and "afterlife."
Kevin van Bladel
This historical study argues that the Mandaean religion originated under Sasanid rule in the fifth century, not earlier as has been widely accepted. It analyzes primary sources in Syriac, Mandaic, and Arabic to clarify the early history of Mandaeism. This religion, along with several other, shorter...
Eckart Frahm
The civilization of ancient Mesopotamia spanned more than 3000 years; together with that of ancient Egypt, its record constitutes nothing less than the first half of history. Hundreds of thousands of cuneiform texts, found throughout modern Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, offer detailed glimpses...
Eckart Frahm
The volume provides facsimile copies and editions of 80 historical and historical-literary texts from the city of Ashur, long-time capital of ancient Assyria. Dating from the 13th to the 7th century BCE, the texts include so far unknown royal inscriptions and chronicles, a new "letter to the god...
Shawkat Toorawa

A Ninth Century Bookman in Baghdad