Faculty Books

Kathryn Slanski

A Study in their form and function

Muhammad Aziz
The Biography of the Prophet was published at Ghāfiq for Studies and Publication in Sanaa, Yemen on March 2023. The biography includes a general but short survey of the Arab peninsula at the advent of Islam. The book used some images and maps of major expeditions. It is intended for general Arabic...

Poems of New York

Eckart Frahm

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 107/2, Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society 2018

The book publishes and discusses a newly recovered group of cuneiform texts from first millennium Babylonia and Assyria that provide some of the earliest prose descriptions of the figures represented by celestial constellations.
John Coleman Darnell

Cryptographic Compositions in the Tombs of Tutankamun, Ramesses VI and Ramesses IX

This study is the first detailed examination of the cryptographic texts on the Tutankhamun shrine and in the tomb of Ramesses IX and contains the first treatment of much of the Ramesses VI Corridor G inscriptions. These three enigmatic texts are related in theology, iconography, and physical layout...
Benjamin Foster
The Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh, translated for the Norton Critical Editions series.
Benjamin Foster

Second Critical Edition

Translated and edited by Benjamin R. Foster
Shawkat Toorawa

From the Aural to the Read (The New Edinburgh Islamic Surveys)

Pilgrimage in Islam