Faculty Books

Benjamin Foster

Second Critical Edition

Translated and edited by Benjamin R. Foster
Shawkat Toorawa

From the Aural to the Read (The New Edinburgh Islamic Surveys)

Pilgrimage in Islam

John Coleman Darnell
The first complete translation and commentary on the important tableau and inscription of Queen Katimala/Karimala at Semna. Proper understanding of the paleography, grammar, and content reveals Katimala to have been a Nubian ruler at the time of the Twenty-First to Twenty-Second Dynasties of...
Muhammad Aziz
This book was written by Dr. Muhammad Ali Aziz as a result of teaching a course on Mahfouz every other year at Yale for nearly 10 years. There are a few books written on the Sufi aspects on Mahfouz’s works. However, none of them has tackled the issue of Islamic mysticism. Our focus was only to...
John Coleman Darnell
Fourteen recorded lectures and accompanying ca. 100 page booklet, surveying the history of ancient Egypt.  The lectures and essays present an overview of the loss and recovery of the history of ancient Egypt, and focus on the various processes that produced pharaonic civilization.  Lectures focus...