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Shawkat Toorawa

Essays on Islands and Islanders

John Coleman Darnell


Publication of 90 rock inscriptions from two sites in the desert filling the Qena Bend of the Nile. The texts range in date from the Predynastic through the Coptic Periods, and include the Scorpion tableau, recording the unification of Upper Egypt at the beginning of the Naqada III Period, and the...
John Coleman Darnell
Tutankhamun may have been the boy king, but he had a lot of muscle behind him, as did his father Akhenaten, “the heretic king,” and their successors in the Eighteenth Dynasty. As you’ll discover in Tutankhamun’s Armies, the ancient Egyptian Empire could not and did not endure without...
John Coleman Darnell
This volume is the editio princeps of the two early alphabetic inscriptions discovered by the Theban Desert Road Survey in the Wadi el-H l, near the middle of the desert filling the Qena Bend of the Nile. These early alphabetic inscriptions preserve unique palaeographic features revealing the...
Benjamin Foster

Memoirs of the Connecticut Academy of Arts & Sciences, Vol. XX

Benjamin Foster
Elías ibn Hanna, an Arab in the New World (1668-1683).
Jonas Elbousty
In Moroccan studies, literary criticism has focused on questions of migration, identity, secularism, and religious fanaticism—issues that often examine Morocco within a colonial context. Vitality and Dynamism redefines this focus in Moroccan studies by looking at local themes and movements,...
Sarab Al Ani

6 Volumes