Yale Program for the Study of Ancient and Premodern Cultures and Societies: Archaia is a collaborative forum that brings together one of the largest groups of scholars in the world working on early civilizations. Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences join with those working in the Yale Divinity School, the Yale Law School, the collections and the university libraries. While admiring and encouraging traditional modes of work and traditional fields of scholarship, we build a new inter- and multi-disciplinary framework that redefines old disciplinary boundaries.

Women in Ancient Studies Forum

A forum and resource for those at Yale who work in any aspect of ancient or premodern studies.

Yale in Egypt

Egyptology at Yale University provides instruction in the philology and cultures of ancient Egypt and Nubia. Egyptology courses at Yale present the history and archaeology of ancient Egypt and her neighboring regions from the earliest prehistoric period through the Coptic period, and students receive instruction in all phases of the Egyptian language, from the texts of the Proto-dynastic period through the literature of Coptic Egypt. Lectures, seminars, and reading courses cover topics such as art history, administration and society, burial practices, ceramic technology, military history, and others.