Near East Collection

The Near Eastern Collection, curated by Robin Dougherty, houses more than 400,000 books relating to the Middle East in Western languages and over 100,000 Arabic and Persian volumes. The collection is particularly strong in classical texts, Islamic law, philosophy, and Arabic literature. Currently, the libraries at Yale receive more than 1,000 serials relating to Middle Eastern studies, including the major American and European scholarly journals.

Visual Resources of the Middle East

Yale University holds a wide array of images from the Middle East across its encyclopedic collections. The goal of the Visual Resources of the Middle East (VRME) project is to collect works of art, documentary photographs, and diverse objects from different collections onto one platform, with the aim of introducing the materials to a diverse audience at and beyond Yale. 

Yale Babylonian Collection

The Yale Babylonian Collection holds the largest collection of cuneiform inscriptions and cylinder seals in the United States and one of the five largest in the world. In addition, the Collection maintains a complete library in the field of Assyriology, Hittitology and Near Eastern Archaeology. 

Yale Egyptian Collections

Various museums and library collections at Yale University serve as the repositories for over 5,000 objects from Egypt and Nubia, ranging in date from remote prehistory through late antiquity.