John Coleman Darnell

Publication of the rock inscriptions and depictions discovered by the Theban Desert Road Survey in the northern Theban desert and area west of Naqada. Highlights include new prayers to Amun and Hathor, composed by a priest, Pahu, several important predynastic and protodynastic tableaux, and the...
Eckart Frahm

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World

A Companion to Assyria is a collection of original essays on ancient Assyria written by key international scholars. These new scholarly contributions have substantially reshaped contemporary understanding of society and life in this ancient civilization.
Dimitri Gutas

From the eighth to the tenth century A.D., Greek scientific and philosophical works were translated wholesale into Arabic. A Greek and Arabic Lexicon is the first systematic attempt to present in an analytical, rationalized way our knowledge of the vocabulary of these translations. It is an...
Jonas Elbousty, Muhammad Aziz