Mike Tritsch

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A recipient of the A. Bartlett Giamatti Fellowship, Michael Tritsch is a PhD student in Egyptology, specializing in domestic life and urbanism in New Kingdom Egypt. His primary focus is on domestic religious practices, as evidenced through both archaeological and textual evidence, as well as on ancient Egyptian medicine. He has worked extensively at the Mut Precinct in Luxor, Egypt, excavating New Kingdom domestic remains. Outside of Egypt, he has participated in digs at Megiddo, Israel, and various sites in Maryland and Indiana. He is further involved in zooarchaeological research at the Smithsonian Research Archaeology Laboratory in Edgewater, Maryland, investigating meat provisioning practices of the colonial Chesapeake.

Mike received a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, double majoring in Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology, with a concentration in Egyptology. A Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow, he also received two Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards and a Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award to fund his research efforts.

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