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Christina Geisen (PhD in Egyptology from the University of Toronto, Canada; MA in Egyptology, Islamic Studies, Pre- and Early History from the University of Bonn, Germany) joined the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations in August 2015 as Postdoctoral Research Associate in Egyptology and Bibliography. Besides working on her own research, she is teaching the Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian I and II, curating the Egyptian Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library, and organizing a conference on Ritual landscape and performance.

Christina’s research mainly focuses on ancient Egyptian funerary and ritual texts, including ritual landscape and performance, as well as onomastics. Further areas of interests are the history of the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period, as well as the perception of geography and landscape in ancient Egypt.

Before coming to Yale, she has been a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, in the course of which she worked on basilophoric personal names attested from the Old Kingdom to the end of the Second Intermediate Period. Besides teaching classes on ancient Egyptian history and language at the University of Toronto (2008-2015) and at Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo (2014), she worked as research assistant in the project “Divine light. Luminous aspects of divinity in Egypt and Mesopotamia” under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Katja Goebs at the University of Toronto. She also gained fieldwork experience in her ongoing participation as epigrapher of the University of Toronto North Abydos Votive Zone Project in Abydos, Egypt, lead by Prof. Dr. Mary Ann Pouls-Wegner of the University of Toronto ( 



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In preparation/planning


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