Yale Ancient Trade Seminar: Definitions and Significance

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Friday, September 8, 2023 - 2:00pm
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Friday Sept 8th 

Location: HQ 133

Presentations by Yale Professors Joseph Manning & Will Goetzmann

Definitions and Significance

The term “trade” and debate its importance in the study of ancient history will be

discussed. The juxtaposition of “trade as generative element in state formation and vital

engine for the generation of societal and/or state wealth” and “pre-modern state economy

was based on the control of land and staples; trade made up just a tiny sliver of the

economy” will drive the opening part of the meeting. Things to keep in mind for the

discussion might include: “What’s meant by trade and how do we refine it as concept so

that it is useful?” “How does trade work, why/when/how does it occur?” “What are

consequences of trade?” “On what scales does trade operate?” The purpose of the first

meeting will be to meet and greet, raise questions, offer definitions, encourage

discussion. Manning 2018 The Open Sea, “Part I” provides a concise overview of the

history of the field and identifies key challenges and sticking points.

Sponsored by the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations.

NELC Sponsored Event
2:00 pm