Pictographic and numerical account of sheep and goats, circa 3100 B.C.E., Yale Babylonian Collection, YBC 7056The graduate and undergraduate programs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations emphasize reflective scholarship based on sound knowledge of the languages, civilizations, and material culture of the Near East. The department’s main faculty strengths today are in the areas of Arabic, Graeco-Arabic, and Islamic studies; Assyriology, including Sumerian and Akkadian; and Egyptology. Instruction is also offered in art and archaeology, Aramaic (including Syriac), Classical Ethiopic, Hebrew, Persian, modern and Ottoman Turkish, and Ugaritic. 

Interdisciplinary programs can be developed on an individual basis, in collaboration with such departments and programs as Anthropology, Classics, History, Medieval Studies, and Religious Studies.  The Department maintains archaeological field projects in Egypt, in which students may be invited to participate.