Graeco-Arabic Studies

Arabic Version ca.1230 of Galen, on Antidotes showing Galen supervising preparation of an antidote, Vienna National Library (MS A.F.10,f.5v)Students in this specialization study all aspects of the translation of classical Greek works into Arabic, their dissemination in medieval Islamic civilization, and the scientific and philosophical tradition of Arabic works that developed on their basis. Particular emphasis is placed on philological issues such as translation techniques, Graeco-Arabic lexicography, textual criticism and editing of translated Greek works, and the Arabic language that was used in the translations. Some knowledge of Greek (a minimum of one year college level) is prerequisite for admission to the program.

Upon matriculation, students may take for credit up to eight term courses in Greek, while the rest of their work will concentrate on Arabic. After their third year of study, students will have the opportunity to gain research experience in the field by assisting in the compilation of A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, edited by Professors Gutas (Yale) and Endress (Bochum, Germany), as well as in the preparation of critical text editions of translated works.