December 12, 2016
4:00pm The Awkward Scribe: Errors, Mistakes, and Evidence for a Counting Device
December 8, 2016
6:00pm Egyptology Movie Night - Gods of Egypt
December 1, 2016
6:30pm Persian Circle at Yale - Lecture by Professor Abbas Amanat
November 28, 2016
5:00pm Moral Instruction & Narrative Strategies in Arabic Mirrors for Princes
November 12, 2016
4:00pm Cultural Heritage and Terrorism
November 4, 2016
4:00pm Edward Salisbury and the Ancient Near East
October 27, 2016
4:00pm The Catalogue of Ibn al-Nadim: Knowledge and the World Viewed from 10th-Century Baghdad
October 17, 2016
4:00pm The New Persian Language of the Arab Colonists in Colonial Islamic Khurasan
October 10, 2016
5:00pm Animal Classification in Ancient Near Eastern Scripts: Between Hieroglyphs and Cuneiform
October 5, 2016
5:00pm The Egyptian Colony in Avaris During the Hyskos Period
September 30, 2016
3:00pm Be My Baby in Babylonia: Two Incantations in the Schoyen Collection
September 29, 2016
3:45pm Arabic and Sanscrit Studies Today: State of The Field
September 28, 2016
4:30pm Dead Dogs and the Lord of the Universe: Babylonians Write to the Assyrian King
September 24, 2016
10:00am Ritual Landscape and Performance Conference
September 23, 2016
9:00am Ritual Landscape and Performance Conference
April 27, 2016
5:30pm The Story of Studying Hebrew in Medieval and Renaissance England
April 22, 2016
12:00pm Reconstructing the Urban Area of Ancient Arbil (Iraq): The Archeological Dimension
April 8, 2016
4:30pm The Hanging Garden of Babylon: The Solution to an Old Problem
April 1, 2016
3:30pm Spring Reception - Ulla Kasten, Over Four Decades at Yale's Babylonian Collection
March 3, 2016
4:30pm NELC Rountable with Mary Frazer and Shana Zaia
February 25, 2016
4:30pm Color in the Glass Texts from Ancient Mesopotamia
February 12, 2016
3:00pm Remembering Etem Erol - Memorial
February 10, 2016
5:00pm Israeli Hebrew: An Ongoing Language Revolution