November 13, 2013
(All day) Lettrism as a New Metaphysics: Ibn Turka's Book of Inquiries
November 4, 2013
(All day) Charting the Hellenization of a Literary Culture: The Case of Syriac
October 30, 2013
(All day) Fact and Fiction in Classical Arabic Prose: Problems and New Approaches
October 15, 2013
(All day) _Ib_d in the Qur__n and Early Arabic Poetry: Semantic Observations
October 4, 2013
(All day) Dal__il al-Nub_wa _ Proofs of Prophecy in Early _ad_th Literature
(All day) Miracles of Prophecy: Folk Tales vs. Prophetic Tradition
April 25, 2013
(All day) Numina victa: Preliminary Remarks on the "Naturalization" of Foreign Gods in the Neo-Assyrian Empire
April 24, 2013
(All day) The Graeco-Arabic Tradition of Metaph. Alpha Minor. Blueprint for a New Critical Edition of Aristotle's Metaphysics
April 18, 2013
(All day) The Arabic-Latin Translation of Aristotle's Metaphysics, Book Alpha Minor
April 12, 2013
(All day) Ibn Barraj_n and the Indigenous Mystico-Philosophical Tradition of al-Andalus
April 4, 2013
(All day) Divine Wonders and Royal Endeavors: Terminology and Functions of Royal Oracles During the New Kingdom
(All day) Name Word Play and Marduk's 50 Names in Enuma Elish
March 27, 2013
(All day) The Aesthetics of Accumulation in Mamluk Literature
(All day) If it Walks Like a Genre, Quacks Like a Genre, and Swims Like a Genre: Some observations about large-scale compilation under the Mamluks
February 28, 2013
(All day) The Scholar and the Storyteller_Sources for Miracles in the Biography of the Prophet
(All day) The Ilkhan-Mamluk Cold War of the Thirteenth Century
February 27, 2013
(All day) The Unnamed Agents of the Arabic Book Revolution
February 20, 2013
(All day) Alexander in the South Arabian Historiography
January 30, 2013
(All day) Jabra Ibrahim Jabra's Translation of William Faulkner_s The Sound and the Fury
January 2, 2013
(All day) Tutankhamun's Last Mysteries