December 11, 2008
(All day) Libertinism (Muj n) in the Society of the Abbasid Era
December 2, 2008
(All day) Iraq Beyond the Headlines IV
November 20, 2008
(All day) Stanford Demotic Papyrus 26: A Necropolis Tax Receipt
(All day) Stanford Demotic Papyrus 17: A Mathematical Problem
October 4, 2008
(All day) Language and Genre in Nubian Rock Inscriptions from the Middle Kingdom
(All day) A New Explanation Concerning the Form and Function of Meroitic Offering Tables
September 17, 2008
(All day) Male Fears and Fantasies: Women in the Arabic Popular Epic
September 10, 2008
(All day) The Cognitive Conception of Boat Types in Ancient Egypt: A Culturally Based Typography
July 11, 2008
(All day) Scholarship on the Qumran Cemetery: Sexing the skeletons after 50 years
April 15, 2008
(All day) The Composition, Collection and Transmission of Arabic Literary Prose: The letters of Abu Ishaq al-Sabi (d. 384/994)
(All day) Eminent Abbasids: Abu Nuwas, the Justified Sinner
April 12, 2008
(All day) Between Grammar and Logic: Philosophy of Language in Early Arabic Culture (800-1000 CE)
March 4, 2008
(All day) Gold Mining in Nubia: Middle Kingdom Mining Policy and Practice
(All day) Egyptian Deities in Nubia at the Termini of the Desert Routes
February 27, 2008
(All day) The Zall qa Victory Qas da: Ibn Hamd s between Myth and History
February 21, 2008
(All day) You Will Find Me There: An Introduction to the Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi Codex II.2)
February 12, 2008
(All day) Moroccan Fiction in Arabic and History
January 24, 2008
(All day) Shakin' it Up: Minoan Reinterpretation of Egyptian Sistrum Use of Crete
January 23, 2008
(All day) Reading Psalms in the Qur'an - Two Canons in Contact: Qur' n S ra 55 and Psalm 136