Mary Frazer

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Mary Frazer specializes in Akkadian historiographical texts studied in Babylonia and Assyria during the first millennium BCE. She received her BA in Classics and Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford, and her MPhil and PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Yale University. In her PhD dissertation, she studied a group of royal letters attested in later manuscripts, with the main aim of assessing the authenticity of the texts (“Akkadian Royal Letters in Later Mesopotamian Tradition,” December 2015).

She is currently a postdoctoral associate working as a Senior Editor of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project ( Within this project, which aims to make the large and under-studied corpus of cuneiform text commentaries available in full, annotated online editions, she is concentrating on commentaries on astronomical texts. Since September 2016, she is the organizer of the fortnightly “Yale Cuneiforum,” an informal reading group held in the Yale Babylonian Collection, in which Assyriologists present for scrutiny their interpretation of unpublished cuneiform texts that they are working on.


“Nazi-Maruttaš in Later Mesopotamian Tradition” in KASKAL Rivista di storia, ambienti e culture del Vicino Oriente Antico 10 (2013): pp. 187-220.

Postdoctoral Associate