Elizabeth Lang

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Elizabeth Lang is a PhD candidate in Egyptology. She is currently working on her dissertation, provisionally titled “The Daily Grind: Food production and identity at the household level in New Kingdom Egypt.” Through this project, she is investigating how ancient Egyptians processed raw foods and prepared meals in the everyday household, and how these practices contributed to their roles and identities within this household and the community, examined using archaeological, textual, and visual evidence, as well as comparative evidence from other cultures and theory-based models. She is broadly interested in everyday life, especially those of women and children; food and alcohol production and consumption; medical practices; and domestic religion. She received a BA (2008, double major) in History and Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She also received an MA (2010) in Egyptology from the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, and an MPhil (2014) from Yale University.

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