Jonas M. Elbousty

Senior Lector, Arabic

Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Director of Arabic Summer Abroad Program



Jonas M. Elbousty has taught at Al Akhawyeen University, Daniel Webster College, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Emory University. He currently teaches at the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Yale University. He has taught widely in the areas of North African affairs, and literature, including courses on North Africa literature, contemporary World Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, and Area studies.

His research and teaching interests are comparative and Modern Arabic literature; North African literature; Diaspora in Cinema, Postcolonial literature; Intersection between literary and political theory in literature, linguistic assessment, and teaching pedagogy. His research interests have focused on a number of issues within the broader field of Arabic literature, specifically the intricate relationship between literature and politics and the argument that literature can alter the political sphere.

He directed diverse programs in the MENA region. He works as a consultant and external examiner to numerous academic institutions, offering consultations to language development, running workshops for language faculty. He also consults for NGOs, offering advice that pertains to North African and Middle Eastern Affairs. He is contracted as a language expert to provide final stage review and evaluation of test passages (written and auditory) and their associated test items (questions) for the Defense Language Institute’s Language Proficiency Test. He also serves as member on many advisory boards, including American Councils for International Education. He is also on many governmental and non-governmental boards and his advice is often sought by numerous agencies.

Long an enthusiastic teacher of both undergraduate and graduate students, Elbousty frequently uses a small group approach, student centered classrooms to assess and meet the needs of his students. He has been involved in the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Oral Proficiency Interview for a few years. Currently he is a certified tester and often trains teachers, around the globe, on many pedagogical matters.



Arabic Language and Literature