Jonas M. Elbousty

Senior Lector, Arabic

Director of Arabic Summer Abroad Program



Jonas M. Elbousty has taught at Daniel Webster College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Al Akhawayn University, and Emory University. He currently teaches at the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Yale University. His specialties range from Arabic literature to teaching pedagogy, and he works as a consultant and external examiner to numerous institutions, offering advice that pertains to Arabic program development and training workshops to language faculty. He is contracted as an Arabic language expert to provide final stage review and evaluation of test passages (written and auditory) and their associated test items (questions) for the Defense Language Institute’s Language Proficiency Test. Responsibilities include evaluation of the authentic nature of passage content and target language use, appropriateness to identified ILR proficiency level, as well as a report on the overall quality of the pool of test items at the conclusion of the project. He serves as member on many advisory boards, including American Councils for International Education.


He has taught widely in the areas of Arabic language and literature, including courses on North Africa literature, contemporary Arabic Literature, Media Arabic, Moroccan dialect, Arabic Seminar, Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic poetry, beginning to Advanced Arabic classes, and Arabic discourses.


Professor Elbousty has conducted many workshops in language teaching pedagogy, and he has published various articles in pedagogy and grammar. He has served as plenary speaker and presenter at national and international conferences.  He is currently working on a multimedia tool for advanced learners of Arabic, editing a collection of literature for Arabic studies, co-editing three volumes on contemporary Moroccan literature, and preparing two complete anthology of short stories for prominent Moroccan writers. With an international team of researchers based at the University of Siegen, Professor Elbousty works on a literary memory information system (LiMeS) for ICT-based literary and media studies; this team is also developing a multi-national digital humanities project. Professor Elbousty has received many awards, including Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques; Emerging Leader Award from the Association for Curriculum Supervision and Development; Emerging Leader Award from Phi Delta Kappa International; Special commendation for contributions to education from the Massachusetts State Legislature; Certificate of Excellence in Teaching; the Howard M. Soule Graduate Scholarship from Phi Delta Kappa; the Virginia Biggy Award for Academic Excellence; a merit scholarship from the Rochester Institute of Technology; the DESA scholarship from the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education; and research and travel grants from the American Institute of Maghrib Studies, Yale Language Center, Council for Middle Eastern Studies, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Embassy of France.  


He is very involved in teaching, designing, and directing Arabic overseas programs across North African and the Middle East. He is a consultant to many intensive Arabic programs internationally, including Qalam wa Lawh Arabic center, Arabic Academy. CEMNAS,  TAG, and CIL. He works very closely with Arabic programs that are sponsored by the Departments of State and Defense.


Arabic Language and Literature